Corporate Intelligence

Due diligence and in-depth intelligence for highly competitive and complex business scenarios

Exclusive information is a key commercial advantage and a game-changing tool in today's fast changing business climate. The ability to gather timely, relevant information and derive appropriate conclusions from its analysis is critical for several elements of business development and performance, such as maintaining track of important competitors, conducting M&As and large investments, and developing strategic partnerships. Obtaining this advantage necessitates exceptional intellectual abilities as well as a well-planned and meticulously performed research strategy.

Intelligence about competitors

DEI specializes in obtaining and analyzing intelligence to help our clients better understand their business environment, identify business risks and opportunities, and utilize their competitive advantage. Our competitive intelligence service is built on cutting-edge methodology that incorporates advanced information gathering and research capabilities, as well as strong technical and legal acumen.

Competitive intelligence is delivered in the form of a graphic plot of the target market's key players, accompanied by detailed information on each competitor's procedures, practices, R&D plans, products and services, and previously unknown usable leverage points of conflicts, corruption, fraud, or bribery.

Creating Commercial Opportunities

Any business that wants to expand and succeed needs to receive regular updates on new markets and business prospects. DEI provides comprehensive market research and analysis services that give businesses striving to grow and extend insights. Black Cube is uniquely able to conduct business in any language and culture, including those of our home markets, the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union, and Latin America. Furthermore, we are able to offer thorough information and analysis without respect to geographical limitations.

In order to help our clients make well-informed business decisions, DEI locates key players and centers of excellence, finds potential unique business possibilities, and develops complete target profiles.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Risks and benefits must always be balanced when making decisions on substantial business changes, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships, and extending operations into new, foreign, countries. By offering thorough evaluations of business targets, DEI Deep-Level Due Diligence service supports customers' risk management and aids in reducing such business hazards. DEI Deep-Level Due Diligence, a separate tool from financial and legal due diligence, examines the people behind the target organization, their motivations and interests, their past behavior in other roles, and any other evidence that could reveal behavior at odds with DEI customers' strategies.

A wide-ranging and in-depth analysis of the chosen target is produced by our distinctive Deep-Level Due Diligence process, which takes into account several financial, marketing, legal, and technological considerations.

Conformity Reports

In order to help clients' compliance efforts with the requirements of the Bribery Act, Fraud Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, and other pertinent laws, DEI creates compliance studies on prospective business partners, suppliers, distributors, and re-sellers (individuals and corporations).

We assist our clients in ensuring complete compliance with these regulations by reviewing the legal and financial records and practices of chosen partners to verify that they adhere to the standards outlined in the pertinent legislation, such as the procedures for risk assessment and due diligence reporting. Our compliance services examine 240 distinct databases to find evidence of the involvement of current and potential business partners in situations involving money laundering, financing of terrorism, and violations of sanctions.

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